Non-Competition / Non-Solicitation / Confidentiality Agreements
Did you sign an agreement preventing you from working for a competitor, or from using customer or technical knowledge for your benefit or for the benefit of another company after you have left employment?  Was the agreement signed when you began employment or after you already started? Have you been paid the wages you were promised in exchange for signing the agreement not to compete? The way your employer treated you during your employment and whether you resigned or were fired can make a significant difference in your legal rights. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your case so we can help you navigate the agreement you signed or are considering signing. 

Severance / Separation Agreements
When your employer has decided to end your employment and wants you to release all possible legal claims and "go quietly," what should you do? Will you be entitled to unemployment benefits, severance, or other benefits that you deserve? Do you have claims that would exceed the value of the severance being offered? Sit down with us and find out where you stand.

Employment Contracts

  • Non-Competition / Non-Solicitation / Confidentiality Agreements
  • Severance / Separation Agreements